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This is the 3rd time I’ve used Travelo website and telling you the truth their services are always realiable and it only takes few minutes to plan and finalize your entire trip using their extremely fast website and up to date listings.
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YOUR KIND OF HOLIDAYYour world, your way

Become part of the story as you experience amazing destinations with the expertise and guidance of 2 Adventure Guides who attend to every detail of your travels as well as make recommendations for family meals and things not to miss on your adventure.
Pyramids and Sphinx
Stand in awe as you take in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest and largest of the 3 pyramids—as well as the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.
Egyptian Museum
spectacular Collection of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun features a breathtaking array of treasures discovered in the tomb of the young boy who became Pharaoh at the age of 9.
Valley of the Kings
Egyptologist will guide you through the massive landscape that contains 63 known tombs of royalty and privileged nobles, as well as 4 Pharaohs—including King Tutankhamun.
Temple of Hatshepsut
unique & beautiful design stands out from other ancient Egyptian temples. It is built into a cliff face & has a series of terraces leading up to the main entrance
Abu Simbel Temples
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Nubian Monuments,” contains twin temples carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century BC.
Board a felucca—a traditional sailing boat used in the Nile—and set sail for Elephantine Island where a series of massive, elephant-shaped boulders jut out of the river bed.


Engage with the people, cultures and traditions in ways that show you more than just the sights. With your Adventure Guides and local experts, you’ll see the world as only US can show it to you.


Get free 24/7 assistance from a travel counsellor.On hand, whenever and wherever you need us


Tailored Tour by a local insider and see what others miss, from main attractions to hidden neighborhoods


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Great Trip!

This trip was easily the trip of a lifetime for our family of four, and it will be quite some time before we stop talking about it!

Josh Aniston

Travelled to Rome

Memorable Experience

. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the tours were excellent and the guides thoroughly helpful, interesting, kind, and professional (and we tend to be picky). What a great record! Congratulations and keep up the good work

Jerrod Joseph

Travelled to Los Angeles

Simply Fabilous!

My wife, daughter and myself cannot say enough about how wonderful a trip we had, how great this travel company – in particular our travel agent…

Jasmine Jayme

Travelled to Africa

Best Cruise ever!

We’re sorry that we can only give this travel agency 5 stars — we’d have preferred 10 stars or more! What an awesome trip!

Brigitte Stroll

Travelled to Japan

Just Awesome!

I’ve traveled A LOT in my life, but this was the best trip I’ve ever taken and it had everything to do with using this travel company and this agent…

Jeniffer Palmer

Travelled to Belgrade


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