feel impressed of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara Private 1 Day Tour

Tour Saqarra. The sacred cemetery and the virgin archaeological site keeps a lot of unsealed secrets in its hot sands. Proceed to Memphis and give respect to the effort making the first capital on Earth. End visiting the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the World,

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200$ per person
1 Day
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Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Saqqara and Memphis Private Day Tour Explore in Depth archaeological treasures

the Pyramids of Giza still live up to more than 4, 000 years of hype. Let me answer the question 'How were they built, and why? Let me tell you in details about their extraordinary shape, geometry and age. The oldest and biggest pyramid is that of Khufu (tallest), and you can go inside this one if you don't suffer from claustrophobia. Explore the 2 other Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure and then proceed to gaze up at the colossal Sphinx, the enigmatic statue of a human-headed lion that guards the pyramids.
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Cairo , Egypt Discover Destinations
Departure Location
LOCATION Address or Intersection upon Traveler’s request, Airport, Cruise Ship Port, Hotel, Monument/Building upon Traveler’s request, Rail or Bus Station
Return Location
LOCATION Address or Intersection upon Traveler’s request, Airport, Cruise Ship Port, Hotel, Monument/Building upon Traveler’s request, Rail or Bus Station
Tour Start Date & Time
Everyday at 08:00
Price includes
  • A guided tour of important places
  • Observation and participation in allowed activities
  • Porterage for a maximum of two bags per person
  • Professionally guided tour
Price does not include
  • Departure Taxes or Visa handling fees
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • Excess baggage charge
  • Other International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa arrangements
Additional Prices
First child (0-12yrs): 100$ Second child (0-12yrs): 90$
feel impressed of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara Private 1 Day Tour

Skip the lines at the amazing Cairo City. Appreciate The Great Giza Pyramids with an insider’s angle with a private Guide. There’s a freshly-cooked set meal for lunch,  and a cultural tour and smartly-timed arrangements with absolutely no hustle. Put your mind at with our money back guarantee.”

Let’s travel through ancient Egypt , open our minds , feel impressed and for sure having a unique overall experience , access pyramids , learn in depth on this exclusive skip the line tour .

On this tour we will explore the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, which is on every tourist bucket list. We will also visit Saqqara, the site been booming in the media with a list of new discoveries and we end this tour visiting the ruins of Memphis, Egypt’s first capital 5000 years ago.

I will answer all your questions about how these pyramids were built , when and who built them? Are modern Egyptians descending from ancient pharaohs? Let’s try delicious Egyptian cuisine, watch local crafts and do more. . . And allow me to help you get a safe camel ride if you are interested to do one. I will take care of it for you!
Always can be customised

feel impressed of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara Private 1 Day Tour
Cairo Spiritual 2 Days Tour
Cairo 2 Days City Break

Our experienced local tour guides will take you on a journey through ancient wonders, and reveal the hidden gems of Egypt.

1. Experience authentic Egypt: during my tours, you won’t just visit the main tourist attractions, but also will take time to wander through local markets, talk with everyday Egyptians, see workshops making handmade goods, and try delicious street-food. Since we r local Egyptians  speak native fluent Arabic, and have spent 30 years traveling throughout the country, I can truly take you behind the scenes.

2. Hassle-free touring: travel to Egypt can be stressful, considering the different customs on tipping, prevalence of tourist scams, and cultural differences. Let me help by:

  • Paying all tips, from hotel porters and bathroom attendants to our tour guides and drivers. You never need to worry about how much and to whom you tip

  • Keeping a watchful eye on the group, making sure we have the best experience at all the tourist sites, and avoid any potential wastes of time or money

  • Letting you know everything you need to know before coming to Egypt, so you are prepared for your time in the land of the Pharaohs

Cairo 2 Days City Break

3. Everything you want, included:

4. A true, private tour experience: 

5. A cruise, unlike any other: on this Egypt adventure, you get to step back in time and board a Dahabeya to spend five unforgettable days sailing up the Nile River.

6. Gay and lesbian friendly tours: I get asked all of the time, “Is Egypt safe for gay travelers?”, and the answer is nuanced, but overall, YES! It is totally safe for gay and lesbian travelers, and my tours specifically are designed to help LGBTQ+ people, both singles and couples, to experience Egypt in a safe and comfortable environment. These tours are not just for LGBTQ+ people though—anyone is welcome!


If you tour with me, you’ll certainly learn plenty about Egyptian history (and a fair amount about geography, nature, culture , architecture or almost anything else that interests you) but most importantly, you’ll hopefully be entertained. You don’t have to remember a single piece of information I give you on my tours, as long as you enjoy the stories along the way.

Also, as I have 20 years experience of guiding around Egypt , please don’t feel limited to the tours listed here. I can take you almost anywhere you want to go in Egypt , Feel free to drop me an email and ask about a personalised tour for you.

So sit back in a luxury Van , relax, and let me show you some of what this amazing country has to offer

  • Day 1 -
Day 1 -

Explore in Depth archaeological treasures stretch beyond Giza to nearby Saqqara and Dahshur

Starts at 8:00 am. Pick up from your hotel in Cairo/Giza to start your full day tour visiting Giza Pyramids where you visit the Great Pyramids - Cheops, Chephren & Mykerinos. We then visit the Valley Temple where the priests mummified the dead body of King Chephren. Also there you will have a close-up look at the Sphinx, the legendary guardian of the site. If you wish to get a camel ride at Giza I will help you to arrange it in a safe way.
Then visit Sakkara, located only 27 km south, west away from Cairo. Visit the Step Pyramid (built for king Zoser), considered the oldest monument on earth.
Finally visit Memphis, Egypt's first capital 20 kilometres south of Cairo.
While travelling in between sites we will take a rest to visit a local carpet school where local kids and women learn making rugs on looms.

More about this tour

  • If you want to capture the beautiful memories with your family members & friends then enjoy your vacation by sightseeing scenario of Egypt trips.
  • Our private Egypt tours are designed that we understand that children (and adults!) need a mix of included activities and downtime for rest and relaxation while they're on vacation.
  • Our Day-by-day itineraries are crafted with all ages in mind. On a Private and escorted Family tour, all of your sightseeing arrangements are made in advance, so there's no chance that shows will be sold out or you'll miss anything important.
  • You don't need to worry about picking up maps, figuring out directions or determining which attraction to visit first.
  • We make every effort to ensure that all travel arrangements and services, connected with the tour, will be carried out as specified All of our packages are private, which means that only those who accompany you will be in your party.
  • NEVER will you be expected to join in with another group nor will others be expected to join with you
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Become part of the story as you experience amazing destinations with the expertise and guidance of 2 Adventure Guides who attend to every detail of your travels as well as make recommendations for family meals and things not to miss on your adventure.
Pyramids and Sphinx
Stand in awe as you take in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest and largest of the 3 pyramids—as well as the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.
Egyptian Museum
spectacular Collection of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun features a breathtaking array of treasures discovered in the tomb of the young boy who became Pharaoh at the age of 9.
Valley of the Kings
Egyptologist will guide you through the massive landscape that contains 63 known tombs of royalty and privileged nobles, as well as 4 Pharaohs—including King Tutankhamun.
Temple of Hatshepsut
unique & beautiful design stands out from other ancient Egyptian temples. It is built into a cliff face & has a series of terraces leading up to the main entrance
Abu Simbel Temples
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Nubian Monuments,” contains twin temples carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century BC.
Board a felucca—a traditional sailing boat used in the Nile—and set sail for Elephantine Island where a series of massive, elephant-shaped boulders jut out of the river bed.


Engage with the people, cultures and traditions in ways that show you more than just the sights. With your Adventure Guides and local experts, you’ll see the world as only US can show it to you.


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Tailored Tour by a local insider and see what others miss, from main attractions to hidden neighborhoods


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Great Trip!

This trip was easily the trip of a lifetime for our family of four, and it will be quite some time before we stop talking about it!

Josh Aniston

Travelled to Rome

Memorable Experience

. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the tours were excellent and the guides thoroughly helpful, interesting, kind, and professional (and we tend to be picky). What a great record! Congratulations and keep up the good work

Jerrod Joseph

Travelled to Los Angeles

Simply Fabilous!

My wife, daughter and myself cannot say enough about how wonderful a trip we had, how great this travel company – in particular our travel agent…

Jasmine Jayme

Travelled to Africa

Best Cruise ever!

We’re sorry that we can only give this travel agency 5 stars — we’d have preferred 10 stars or more! What an awesome trip!

Brigitte Stroll

Travelled to Japan

Just Awesome!

I’ve traveled A LOT in my life, but this was the best trip I’ve ever taken and it had everything to do with using this travel company and this agent…

Jeniffer Palmer

Travelled to Belgrade


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feel impressed of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Saqqara Private 1 Day Tour

200$ per person
1 Day
More than 1

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